Looking at new designs for capitol building's public entrance

Photo courtesy: J2 Studio
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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Capitol Grounds Planning Commission is discussing new designs for the capitol building's public entrance.

The commission is looking at two main options for the new entryway including public information kiosks and a little more room for security. Both options would close off public access from the western side of the grand staircase.

"Visitors used to park all throughout the capitol grounds, but now that they are forced to come in the south entrance that really does limit anything we can do, and everything we've designed and implemented in the past was all based on the security conditions at that time," said John Boyle, facility management.

One of the goals is to make the building more accessible. The sidewalk has a slant to it, rather than using a ramp in front of the door. Also adding several new handicap parking spots.

Staff asked J2 Studio to return in several weeks with an option that leaves both doors open to the public.