Lonesome Dove wins restraining order against Mandan over mural

MANDAN, N.D. - The Lonesome Dove's ownership has won their first legal argument in the fight with the City of Mandan over the bar's new mural.

A federal judge ruled the city may not take enforcement action against the bar to remove the mural until ​June 5, the next time the two sides are scheduled to be in court. This means the bar can't be fined while this temporary restraining order is in effect.

The judge said preserving the mural until that hearing is in the best interest of both parties. He also said the bar is likely to succeed in earning a preliminary injunction, allowing the bar to leave the mural up as the case goes through the court system.

City leaders say the mural violates regulations and must come down, while the bar argues the city is violating its free speech rights.