Lone Bear search moves to Lake Sakakawea

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It's been two weeks now since authorities say Lone Bear was last seen.

Tuesday, investigators took to the water in their search for Lone Bear.

As the search for Olivia Lone Bear continues investigators have moved their search to the shoreline of Lake Sakakawea.

"We have to air boats out on the water as we speak. One has been launched by deep water bay, south of Parshall. The other one along van hook east of New Town about six miles" said Detective Sam Lincoln with TAT Tribal Police Department.

Detective Lincoln says there are no signs of foul play in Lone Bear's disappearance but investigators remain focused on locating this bluish-green Chevy truck.

"That's one of the puzzling things right now, is finding the pick up truck. We've had no sightings of it since we began," said Lincoln.

Investigators along with Lone Bear's family say they're frustrated, but they remain hopeful for Olivia's return.

"Without finding the vehicle or Olivia herself, there comes a point in time when I'll assign a detective to the case and then he'll be the focal point or the hub for the family and stuff and then I suppose resources will be diminished" said Lincoln.

Remaining vigilant in their search until Olivia returns home.

Investigators say that Lone Bear was last seen leaving the Sportsman's Bar in New Town the night of October 24th in a bluish-green Chevy pickup truck. If you have any information about Lone Bear's whereabouts, you are urged to contact tribal police.