Local weigh in on New First International Bank and Trust coming to Bismarck

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BISMARCK, N.D. - In the digital age of online banking and virtual banks are becoming more common. However, experts say there's still a need for brick and mortar locations.

Your News Leader has the details on a new venture to bring another physical branch to the area.

Bismarck residents will be seeing another bank in town.

"It just feels like there's too many on like every street corner, like McDonald's where there's one everywhere," said Bismarck resident Sara Cain.

First International Bank and Trust is planning a branch at the corner of Washington and 43rd Street.

"We're excited about expanding in Bismarck. It's been a great market for us and we're really happy with the project that we've gotten done here so far. But we look to continue to expand in this market," said Bismarck President of First International Bank David Mason.

Some locals say there might not be a need for more facilities because many of them do their banking online.

"All online. It's just so handy. I mean, that's just the way of the future I think," said Bismarck resident Robert Hackman.

While others think another branch could be helpful.

"You could go talk to them face to face. 'Cause you don't always get an answer online or on the phone,'" said Bismarck resident Kenneth Hunter.

Mason doesn't disagree that online banking is important. He explains both online and physical branches have their own benefits.

"You need to have options for 24/7 access, which we provide for all of our online banking opportunities. We've spent a lot of money in infrastructure and making sure that's done well. But there's also this kind of personal part to banking-- at least in community banking-- where I think is essential," said Mason.

The First International building Mason works at was completed in June of 2018 and is the only location currently in Bismarck or Mandan.