Local officers given 'Lifesaver Award'

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WARD COUNTY, N.D. - Two law enforcement officers were recognized for their quick action in a ceremony Wednesday.

Deputy Chief Anthony Pasterz of the Burlington Police Department and Sgt. Sam Mahoney of the Ward County Sheriff's Department were given the "LifeSaver Award." They earned the award by applying a tourniquet to a resident found unconscious near the city limits of Burlington. The officers accompanied the resident to the hospital where the individual was operated on and saved.

Both officers said they were honored to receive the award.

“It's a great honor. It's something I do every day as far as doing what I did. I don't need the recognition for it, but It's awesome that I got it,” Pasterz said.

The North Dakota Peace Officers Association gives the LifeSaver Award to officers that significantly contribute to the saving of a human life.