Local jewelry store celebrates 115 years

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MINOT, N.D. - A local jewelry store is celebrating its 115 anniversary.

Liens Jewelry has been a part of Minot Downtown for over 20 years, but it's history dates back long before that.

Fred and Sheri Lien are in the clockwork jewelry business.
But most importantly they're a part of a legacy dating back to 1903.

"It's an honor it makes you feel good. To tell people that you've been around for 115 years and have been part of that" said Fred.

"Ya know I'm kind of proud to be part of a long jevity and I'm proud of the families history" said Sheri.

Liens Jewelry has stayed in the Lien family for 4 generations.

Fred says that his parents asked that he not take over the business when they were ready to give it up. He says they told him it would be too much of a commitment. Married to the business they say, but Fred knew his experience with clockwork couldn't go to waste.

"There's not many people that can do that line of work, and have to use their minds and hands to work with fine things" said Fred.

The skills weren't self taught either.

"Real learning came from dad" said Fred.

Continuing to serve the Lien family and the community, as it has for one hundred and 15 years.