Local gun sales take off on Black Friday

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Black Friday this year saw record setting gun sales nationwide with the FBI processing more than 200,000 background checks. Weapons are a popular Christmas gift for some people.

Locally, stores like HH Gun Shop went from their average sale of three to six guns in a day to 24 guns sold on Black Friday.

"Been lookin' at some local hand guns, just been tryin' to add to the collection," said Bismarck resident Kyle Hillerud.

Store owners expect the sales to keep up through the holidays.

"In many families a firearm is an important part of their family tradition, and it's something that can and usually does last forever. That pass down through generations. I have some of my dad's guns and one of my grandad's guns," said Darryl Howard, HH Gun Shop co-owner.

For many North Dakotans it's practically a right of passage.

"I grew up around guns, learned how to hunt, went through hunter's safety. Guns have always just been a part of our life," said Hillerud.

Howard says that if the good weather keeps up he does expect to sell more guns than last year.

Record gun sales have occurred nationwide the past three Black Fridays.