Local businesses get involved in 'Cyber Monday'

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 6:34 PM CST
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Cyber Monday has kicked off and local businesses in the Bismarck-Mandan area are getting involved.

Entrepreneurs say they're using cyber Monday to grow their business. They say it's important to keep up with the trends if you want to keep up with the big guys, like Amazon and Walmart or find your own niche that makes you stand out.

Woodworking may seem like a job of the past, but Brandon Loftis says his business is mostly e-commerce.

"I'm more of a specialty, niche, woodworker, so I do a lot of charcuterie boards, cutting boards, I did custom trophies for an event, and I don't do a lot of big things but smaller things, that would fit under a tree nicely," said Brandon Loftis of Aviary Woodworks.

Loftis says it's important to support local businesses especially on days like Cyber Monday, he's running a deal of his own for the rest of the week.

"Money does matter, so when it comes to buying cheaper that could certainly be a factor and it might affect a small business adversely, but the markets going to do what the markets going to do so you got to innovate and make your way," said Loftis.

Marlo Anderson of the National Day Calendar says the internet is an equalizer.

"Well I think Cyber Monday is a way for the local businesses to compete with the larger companies around the world," said Anderson.

National Day Calendar employees have been packaging since the morning hours, and will send over 100 packages out Monday.

"Probably don't have the advertising budget that some of these large companies do but you can be creative, and that's where I think you can leverage your customer base to kind of help you spread the word about the special that you have," said Anderson.

Anderson says what used to be a part time gig of his business has grown into its own workshop and he now has two people running just the online portion. Loftis says he'll continue to carve out niche items per request and hopes the community continues to support local entrepreneurs.

Anderson says it's important for local business owners to get involved in the e commerce side of things if they want to grow their business, especially on days like today. For more information on Aviary Woodworks, you can go to their facebook, @AviaryWoodworks.

For more on the National Day Calendar, go to

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