Local artists inspire at the co-op

BISMARCK, N.D. - Art speaks to people in different ways. But first, they need a place to see it for it move to them.

The Bismarck Downtown Artist Cooperative has provided such a space for the last seven years

Painters, sculptors and photographers from the surrounding area have all found a home at the BADC. You don't have to be a professional, they accept all skill levels and even exhibit student art.

"We don't limit as far as style or ability. I mean, you can see that we have all different styles," said Paul Noot, manager and founder of BDAC.

Noot had a former student approach him with the idea of opening a gallery, and in 2011, the co-op was born.

Member artist Johnathan Campbell doesn't use a brush or canvas to create beautiful masterpieces.

"I paint with light. I'll literally set the camera up and I'll draw images with led or electroluminous wire to create an image for the camera," said Campbell.

After obtaining a degree in the arts, Campbell hadn't been creating for 20 years. Becoming a supporter of the co-op inspired him to become more serious.

"I'll come in and see a new artist and I'm just amazed at the quality of the work here. It makes me want to go out and create," said Campbell.

Supporters pay a yearly fee while full members have a monthly payment. Supporting members are featured right now, but every month is a new theme. With midterms approaching, November is art in politics.

Any area artist can submit work relevant to the motif and the public is encouraged to attend the political art opening event on Nov. 9.

Every piece on display is for sale and the co-op is open Thursday through Saturday and by appointment.