Local Walmart employees receive bonus checks

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Workers in North Dakota are starting to see the benefits of the tax cuts passed by congress in the form of bonuses.

The bonuses were for employees who have been with the company for more than 20 years. While they're very happy about the $1,000 check, others question who the tax cuts actually help.

Walmart employee Natalie Dickson has never had Uncle Sam come through for her like this.

"We have never ever had a tax break like this, not in 27 years," said Dickson.

She and other employees who've worked at Walmart for more than 20 years received a bonus check.

"Any amount, $200, $1,000, I am happy to get money to help my family anytime," said Dickson.

Her co-worker Renee Miller says she is using her money to go on a vacation with her daughter she otherwise couldn't afford.

"Well, they live out of state so, I cherish any moment I get to go and spend with them," said Miller.

Store manager Chadley Lorenz didn't receive the bonus, but says breaking the news to his employees was almost just as good.

"Some of the associates were impacted and you could see them smile you could see some relief in that they were excited and thinking about what they were going to do," said Lorenz.

The tax cuts are not universally popular though, many claim the bonuses are just one time payments and workers won't see them again.

A report from the joint taxation committee indicates that by 2027 taxes for citizens may actually increase because the current tax cuts will expire that year.

However these employees say if this bonus is a one-time deal, they will still be grateful.

Walmart says that close to 4,500 Walmart and Sam's Club associates across the state will receive bonuses and pay increases, totaling more than $1.3 million.