Lizzie Jensen officially takes over as Miss North Dakota

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WILLISTON, N.D. - With Cara Mund being the reigning Miss America, former Miss West Fargo steps in as Miss North Dakota.

Fargo's Lizzie Jensen officially started her role as Miss North Dakota Monday with a visit to Williston.

Jensen's platform promotes anti-bullying and self-worth. Jensen already has looked to all 256 school districts in the state to analyze their bullying policy.

She also speaks on dealing with her own personal struggles of a previous eating disorder and how it will help the students she's targeting.

"There are people who are out there struggling just as much as you are but throughout my presentation, I talk about how you can over come those obstacles in life. You could possibly become Miss North Dakota, the next governor, or the next president and how you can use your struggles as a catalyst to help you succeed further in life," said Jensen.

In October, she will begin a state-wide school tour to promote her message to students of all ages.