Living Life on the Road

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BISMARCK, N.D. North Dakota is known for a low cost of living compared to other states. But, that still doesn't stop people from choosing affordable housing, even if it's on four wheels.

Capital RV says motor home sales are up 17 percent compared to last year. They also say fifth wheel campers and travel trailers are the most popular.

“Oh man, I can live in this,” said Kurt Leier, Capital RV Sales Manager.

And that's just what people do.

"It's a lifestyle for people, it really is. It's a real lifestyle starting from when your kids are little all the way until that generation of kids growing up and buy a camper," said Leier.

Choosing a permanent life on the road means living a simpler life says KOA campground co-owner.

"They know what their bills are and they're not tied down if they don't have to be. They can leave if they want," said Mark Roeder, co-owner of KOA Campground.

Roeder says most people who live in campers follow jobs.

"Millennials are looking at things a little differently, they want to be able to be mobile with their jobs, they don't want to be tied down in dept," said Roeder.

Leier says there are less full time RV customers and more weekend/vacation campers, and KOA noticed that trend at their campground, as well.

KOA Campground says they've hosted people from all over the country.