Lion LEGO Robotics team reflects on state title, preps for nationals

Published: Feb. 13, 2019 at 9:00 PM CST
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The Lion LEGO Robotics team won the state title in Grand Forks this weekend.

Champions at last.

“The robots name is Leo. Leo the Lion,” said one student.

Competing against 39 teams is a challenge in itself, but these kids say they learned even more about themselves through the process.

“It taught me teamwork and letting other people share their ideas,” said another student.

The team success wouldn't be made possible without the guidance of coaches.

“Keeping it fun and new and interesting each week is important. Giving enough challenges to keep them engaged,” said Reuben Gates, one of the team’s coaches.

Qualifying for nationals, is finally starting to set in for this robotics team, but they have a lot of work to do in the days and weeks that lie ahead.

“Say if one person thought that we were going to make this edit to the program because that's going to make it better, but another person says that we should leave it we'd make that person maybe edit and see how that works,” said one student.

"They'll do the work, it's just the matter of having a direction to go and who you want to work on what and then they kind of do the work themselves,” said Randy Brunner, one of the team’s coaches.

Heading to Detroit presents new challenges, like the number of competitors. Overall offering an experience of a lifetime, all thanks to robotics.

The team will travel to Detroit, Mich., in April to compete nationally representing the state of North Dakota.

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