Lincoln water hits another snag

LINCOLN, N.D. - A new water system in Lincoln led to some water woes last month. Now, the city is going through another round of pipe flushes and water tests.

Crews dug 3 holes to open the lines and clean out the new system this weekend.

In January, Lincoln installed a new water line that was meant to help fight fires in the summer. But when the line opened, residents complained of sediment in their homes and tests found bacteria. Last week while workers were cleaning the pipes, a piece was broken, and now the project is stalled waiting for the repairs.

The city shut the new line off, and have been cleaning and testing since. Following the three flushes on Friday, Mayor Gerarld Wise said there's still more flushing to do. After that, the city will conduct more quality tests.

"We're hoping for the best. We're gonna have the best before it gets opened up again. And once we have that done, hopefully we won't have any more water restrictions in town. That's the goal,” said Wise.

Since the closure, Lincoln has been relying on their old water line. Luckily, there haven't been any reported capacity issues. The Mayor said he is grateful for everyone's patience as they work through these issues.

However, there's no timeline for when the city will be able to reopen its new water line. However, Mayor Wise said they hope to have all the lines open within a couple of weeks, pending future repairs and test results.