Lincoln roundabout reaction

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LINCOLN, N.D. - A new PSA by the Lincoln Police Department is sparking some public discussion about the roundabouts.

The police say that there are very few accidents anymore, but it is still important to remind people how to properly use the roundabouts. Tips like slowing down, and yielding to pedestrians.

"I would prefer a stoplight, just make it easier. I mean, not many people have seen the roundabouts in their lifetimes, so when they come up to it they question what they're supposed to be doing. Where at a stoplight, everyone has seen a stoplight," said Louis Hart, Bismarck resident.

"That's probably one of the best things that's happened out here. You've gotta take your turn, that's all. They're simple,"said Daniel Raywalt, Lincoln resident

For the full list and a diagram of how to use the roundabout you can go to the Lincoln Police Department Facebook page.