Lincoln police officer resigns

Published: Jan. 10, 2018 at 10:18 AM CST
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A police officer from the City of Lincoln has resigned after Tuesday's executive session at the city council.

Officer Joseph Jackson's last day is on Jan. 24. We spoke to Sgt. Richard Hoffner this afternoon who was at the center of that executive session and he says he didn't even know about the meeting till he saw a post on Facebook.

It is still unclear what he Sgt. Hoffer is being accused of.

"I am on the same boat with the community as being confused myself and I don't know really what else to say with the same information that I know which everyone else knows," said Richard Hoffer, Lincoln Police Department.

"I feel that with an executive session should be the last thing the council does and the disciplinary actions should have been followed through our disciplinary policies," said Tom Volk, Lincoln City Council member.

Jackson says in his resignation letter that because of the situtation with Hoffer he fears that it may ruin his carrer and drag his name through the mud. These recent actions are leaving community members unhappy.

Lincoln resident Brandon Schock said, "We don't want to lose anyone this is the best police force Lincoln has ever had."

The agenda from last night's meeting says the executive session was to *quote* receive attorney consultation relating to legal action associated with the labor and employment of Hoffer, but no actions or decisions came from it.

"One council member knew...was the only one with information on this before this meeting. No one else knew anything. It's a little fishy to me," said Schock.

Lincoln Police Chief Joe Gibbs says Hoffer hasn't been written up and it would be a shame to see him go.

Hoffer asks for people to stop contacting his family about the situation at hand.

Community members are now powering together to collect signatures for a recall on their city council.

They plan to gather next week to discuss what changes can be made to better the community.