Three Lincoln council members refuse to resign

LINCOLN, N.D. - Three Lincoln City Council members refused to resign Thursday night, after another attempt by a group of people asking them to step down.

They're upset by their actions, some of them behind closed doors.

More than 50 people packed into the room to hear what the council members had to say.

Ervin Fisher simply said, "no." Jon Aman read a letter defending himself against the allegations made about him and denied to resign, while Karen Daly said nothing.

"I did not think they would resign. We were hoping for something, but it went about as expected," said Bill Wuolu, Lincoln resident.

He is just one of many who want something to change.

Council member Tom Volk, who is not being asked to resign, says the council should listen to what the people want.

"It almost feels like we're the laughing stock of the area for our city government," said Wuolu.

So with no one resigning and no way to get rid of them, they say the next step is to wait for the June election.