Lidgerwood superintendent says driver of school bus hit by train has resigned

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LIDGERWOOD, N.D. (Valley News Live) - The driver of a school bus in Lidgerwood, North Dakota that was hit by a train with students onboard is resigning.

Photo courtesy: Valley News Live

Michael Skroch, 69, tendered his resignation letter Friday and the school district believes it was the best decision, according to Lidgerwood Public Schools Superintendent Mark Weston.

Before classes began Friday morning, students and teachers held a prayer.

“We believe in the power of prayer. We're praying for them. We want them to make sure their children are okay,” Weston said. “Maybe a couple days after an accident you have blurred vision, or you have a headache, or something doesn't feel right.”

They were praying for the 18 students and driver onboard the school bus that was hit on the rear Thursday night as it was crossing the railroad tracks.

Four of the kids were transported to the hospital and a 15-year-old girl was flown by helicopter to a Fargo hospital.

Weston said he doesn’t know her condition and he couldn’t hold back tears during our interview.

“We'll get through it, a lot of emotion,” Weston said.

Weston remembered the 69-year-old driver hugging a student Friday morning.

“It was an emotional hug, so vivid to me. Thank you,” Weston said before ending the interview.

The crash also took an emotional toll on others in the community.

Vicki Heley had five grandchildren on the bus.

“A couple of them seen the train coming and tried to brace themselves, and it's tough but it will be okay,” Heley said.

Heley added her grandkids had a hard time falling asleep.

“I'm happy that there was no life-threatening injuries and just thankful today, it hits the community really hard,” Heley said.

North Dakota Highway Patrol stated that once the train struck that bus, it caused the bus to rotate and fall on its passenger side, creating chaos inside that bus.

The Dakota Missouri Valley & Western Railway train was traveling at a slow speed.

The youngest person onboard the bus was a 6-year-old girl who wasn’t injured.

There still isn’t any word from North Dakota Highway Patrol on whether any charges will be filed against the bus driver.