Letters to Santa

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Santa was in Bismarck giving presents to more than forty lucky kids straight off of their Christmas lists.

"I got a Hot Wheels set and a remote control Police Car," said Paxton, Bismarck resident.

Letters can be written by grandparents, parents, or the kids themselves.

"I love it, they do an amazing job every year. This is the second year that we do this. The staff is really friendly, they treat the kids really good. We look forward to it," said Lisa Lausier, Bismarck resident.

Bisman Online says that about 200 letters were posted to their site.

"If you go to the mall and see Santa he gives you candy. If you write a letter and send it to the North Pole you don't know what's going to come back. But if you write a letter and post it to BisMan Online, we might get you something that's on it," said Eric Kubischta, Bisman Online Director of Technology.

The cast of "Frozen" showed up for photo opportunities while people waited for their turn to see Santa.

You can go to Bisman Online in the month of December and read through some of the letters yourself.