Lemonade Day teaches Williston kids about business ownership

Published: Jun. 18, 2016 at 7:55 PM CDT
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If you like a cold glass of lemonade on a warm summer day, Williston was the place for you.

"Come get your lemonade today"

Calls like this echoed across Williston for the Second Annual Lemonade Day.

"We're definitely having fun" Montana Icenogle, stand owner

More than 200 kids and teenagers took to the streets of Williston to sell their brand of Lemonade.

"I was impressed. The young children and the young entrepreneurs out there today really impressed an old dog like myself" Howard Klug, Mayor

But it's not just about selling a refreshing treat. Lemonade Day is about teaching kids the ins and outs of managing a business in ways that speak to them.

"I like it because you take what you do learn in school and the stuff you learn and you use it and you apply it and you get to see the profit from it," said Icenogle.

Williston is the only city in North Dakota that participates in the program.

"Especially in the area that we live in, giving that small town, hometown businesses is great opportunity for them to learn that experience," said Lisa Six and Chelsea Bryant, Lemonade Day Directors

Parents like how the program allows them to spend time with their kids.

"time with your kids is priceless. It seems like the busy world we live in, there isn't enough, so you have to cherish every moment." said Matt Oleksik, parent

Some kids are already getting excited for next year.

"Yes, definitely, we were already discussing our theme for next year, we want to do Marvel next year," said Icenogle.

With stands popping up in Tioga, Grenora and Trenton today, they might have some big competition by next year.

The top-grossing stand raised more than 400 dollars today, which they say they will donate to local charities.