Legislators discuss oil, gas taxes to fund infrastructure projects

BISMARCK, N.D. - About 20 individuals including senators, representatives and other industry leaders testified supporting the new bill.

“This bill effects every community across the state of North Dakota, North, South, East and West," said Representative Nathe.

The purpose of this bill is to benefit smaller communities too, not just hub cities and counties producing oil and gas.

Essential infrastructure components including water and wastewater treatment plants, sewer and water lines, roads and bridges including paved and unpaved, airports.

“We have billions of dollars of infrastructure needs across the state so this will help every community with their build out and will help lessen the property tax burden on them so they don't have to pay for that build out so it will have a tremendous impact on ND, for a long time," said Nathe.

Those who fall under essential infrastructure components will go through a process similar to the Airport Association of North Dakota.

President of Airport Association of ND "if the funds were approved through this bill they would go through a grant process and airports would have to apply for moneys for the 50 million dollar fund and the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission through their priority system and their grant program would administer that money," said President of Airport Association of North Dakota, Matthew Remynse.

If the money in the fund are insufficient to provide for the grants, the state treasurer will give it out on a prorated basis.

"If those buckets don't fill, that money will still go to the communities it just won’t be as much the buckets had," said Nathe.

If passed, this bill will become effective June 30 of this year.