Districts 1 and 2 prepare for legislative session

Courtesy: MGN Online
Courtesy: MGN Online
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WILLISTON, N.D. - In just a few weeks, members of Legislative Districts One and Two will be reporting to Bismarck for the new session.

For District Two, the session comes after a long campaign season.

"My running mate Don Longmuir and myself, we worked hard. We did a lot of campaigning, and we're very happy with the results, and we're both looking forward to getting to work," says Rep. Bert Anderson, (R) District Two.

Anderson and Longmuir are joined by David Rust in the Senate. For District Two, a familiar problem is at the forefront.

"With human services, it's very hard to get qualified people into western North Dakota to deal with a lot of mental health issues," says Anderson

District One legislators didn't have to worry about campaigning, allowing them to focus more on the needs of their district.

"Well, I think this year would be a bad year to run. It was such a nasty election at a national level, so it was kind of nice to be away from that," says Rep. Patrick Hatlestad, (R) District One.

Hatlestad will once again be joined by Gary Sukut in the house and Brad Bekkedahl in the Senate. The slowdown has added pressure to the state budget.

"In times when the financial situation has turned downward, that they're going to have to back up a little bit. The state is no different than a personal budget," says Hatlestad.

Hatlestad says dealing with Governor Dalrymple's proposed 10 percent cut will be a big issue for the session.

The session starts on January 3.