Legendary Meats opens in Center

Published: Feb. 26, 2020 at 5:36 PM CST
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There's a new family run business in Center helping feed the town.

Legendary Meats Butcher Shop opened for business in February.

The owners say they didn't know it at the time but their life experiences leading up to this point had prepared them for their new venture.

Dan, Jess and Alex Selensky spend their days working together.

"I get great satisfaction at the end of the day. When you've accomplished what you wanted to accomplish, and at the end of the day you've worked for yourself and your family, it's a good feeling," said Co-Owner Dan Selensky.

Dan has worked in the meat industry for 26 years.

"To me it never gets old. It's something I enjoy doing. I take pride in what I do," said Dan.

His wife, Jessica, had run her own business for years.

After moving to Center, the two joined their skills to open Legendary Meats.

"We've always worked as a team. So, in doing this we knew that it would be a different dynamic, but still the same. We're still partners. We still have to support each other pretty much 24/7," says co-owner Jessica Selensky.

All the while, their oldest son, Alex, was taking note.

"I feel like it rubbed off on me. Since my dad's been doing it his whole life, now I've been doing it my whole life. And it just carries on," said Manager Alex Selensky.

Now, Dan cuts, Jess packages and Alex learns; working as a team to make Legendary Meats a success.

Dan and Jess say they hope one day their business will become a legacy for their family.

Dan says he can custom butcher livestock for farmers looking for a fresh cut.

You can find Legendary Meats at 600 Industrial Drive West in Center.