Legalize ND chair says they’ll try again for recreational marijuana in 2020

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Recreational Marijuana lost on election night, but supporters will attempt a comeback in 2020 according to Legalize ND Chairman Dave Owen.

Phot courtesy: Pure Dakota, LLC

Owen believes Measure 3 lost because of some broad wording giving too much power to the legislature to set the rules. He wants to eliminate that and make it a structured measure for 2020.

Owen says people want regulations like the amount you can grow and an excise tax laid out in the measure instead of letting legislators set those regulations.

In between now and 2020, they're going to the legislature for other bills like decriminalization and fixing the medical marijuana law.

“One of the things we'll also be looking to do is reform the broken medical marijuana law. That's a big passion project of everybody. We're getting the gang back together and we're going to make sure medical is fixed and returned a lot closer to its original intent,” said Owen.

The Measure 3 tally on Election Night was 59 percent against it, 40 percent for it.