Lee Staab says final goodbye to Minot

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MINOT, N.D. - The City of Minot bid a funny farewell to City Manager Lee Staab this afternoon.

In a roast-style city leaders and department heads were able to laugh and reminisce about all of the memories over the last two years with Staab but not until he got his opportunity to say a few words.

He is off to Colorado where he accepted the position to be the County Manager of Grand County, Colorado.

But that doesn't mean Minot will be just a memory.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed it. People always say it's 'North Dakota nice', but I think it's 'Minot nice.' The people here are just fantastic, and my wife and I plan to come back often to see all of our friends,” outgoing City Manager Lee Staab said.

When I asked him what he was most excited about moving to Colorado, he said being close to his kids and grandkids of course and being able to snow ski again.