Learn to Curl

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Sunday Night about 30 rookies decided to get on the ice, throw a stone, and see what it takes to become Curlers.

Learning to curl is a little harder than it looks.

A couple dozen Bismarck residents are finding that out first hand.

"They're having a lot of fun, they're also saying it's a lot harder than it looked on TV or the olympics too, but they're enjoying it," said Todd Ussatis, a 14-year veteran.

Stephanie Thompson is one of the newcomers that thinks she's going to join a team for the leagues this year.

"I think it's a good way to meet people and i think i would just be sitting at home on the couch if I wasn't doing this, and I like to be active so this is a good thing to do," said Thompson.

Todd was one of the instructors tonight, he says he enjoys helping people fall in love with one of his favorite sports.

"When they get it down to the other end and it falls where they wanted that shot to be. That gets to be a lot of satisfaction. I think it's a lot like golf, when you make a shot in golf, it turns out to be like that in curling," said Todd.

Another Learn to Curl will be held Monday night at 7pm.

Throughout the course of the season around 2,000 people will try throwing a stone at the Capital Curling Club.