Leap day birthdays not forgotten at Miller Elementary

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Once every four years, leap babies get to celebrate their birthday on Feb. 29th. So what do they do in the other three years?

The kindergarten class at Miller Elementary celebrates the birthday’s as usual, but three children and a teacher's aide have the unusual connection.

"Something very unique for me that I find out three more kids born on the same day, in the same school, is kind of fun,” said Miller Elementary Aide Monica Moody.

Moody, along with Bo Link, Dylan French, Ben Lemieux were all born on a leap year. Link, French and Lemieux turn six, or one and a half, depending on how you look at it. French and Link are excited to celebrate.

“What's the best thing about my birthday? That I have kitten cupcakes, too,” said French.

"I really like it because whenever I wait and turn two, I'll just be a little bit more happy,” said Link.

Moody never thought she'd share a birthday with this many kids.

"I'm originally from Brazil and even in my country, we've never seen so many together that celebrate on the 29th,” said Moody.

But it's never been just her day anyway. Monica's always had to share the day because she has a twin sister.