Law enforcement patrols to increase as summer activities begin

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BISMARCK, N.D. - People are starting to enjoy summer activities in Bismarck Mandan, which means, law enforcement is starting their extra patrols to ensure everyone has safe summer fun.

It's a sure sign of summer when boats start to fill the Missouri River.

North Dakota Game and Fish game wardens and law enforcement know this and take action.

Mandan police officers and wardens will check for life jackets and registrations on boats to enforce safety and laws. It's just one example of summer police patrol.

"We also have our all terrain vehicle patrol and that's where an officer goes out off of the recreation trail and they get onto the sandbars and that sort of thing to better enforce the violations that may occur there," said officer Pat Renz, Bismarck Police Department.

Renz says officers on utility vehicles and bikes can better look for traffic violations, alcohol violations and littering in parks. The extra patrols are also there to provide assistance during emergencies.

"Don't be afraid to approach an officer if they're on the bike if they're on the UTV or if they're out doing river patrol," said Renz.

You can also expect extra officers at events this summer, including the annual McQuade Charity Softball Tournament.