Law enforcement dispute claims of excessive force

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BISMARCK, ND - Law enforcement leaders say officers used the necessary force during Thursday's evacuation of the Front Line Camp to control the behaviors of some protesters.

Lieutenant Tom Iverson says they were patient with protesters and gave them plenty of time to leave.

Iverson says less-lethal force was used on agitators within the group that put officers in harms way.

He encourages the public to not look at videos of officers on social media and assess the situation from one point of view.

He says law enforcement will protect demonstrators' right to protest if it's done peacefully and lawfully.

Tom Iverson, ND Highway Patrol: "What is missing is what led up to that, what forced law enforcement's hand in to reacting to that situation, such as somebody coming up with a stick and striking it at an officer, or a large log and throwing it at the officer, throwing feces on them and really putting officers in harms way."

Iverson says the tepees were respectfully removed from the evacuated camp.