Later Gator Sale brings moms together to shop and make new friends

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BISMARCK, N.D. - When kids are little, they grow so fast they don’t even wear out many of their clothes. But what’s a mom to do with all those like-new kids’ clothes?

Photo courtesy: Later Gator

Since 2015, twice a year, two Bismarck women have been giving families a place to sell their gently-used kids clothes and toys, and shop for the next size up without paying a ton of money.

It’s called the Later Gator Sale and it’s happening later this week.

“I think I’m going to sell this,” said four-year-old Jeremiah Logan, as he picks up toys scattered around his bedroom.

Jeremiah is searching for toys he doesn’t need anymore.

“I’m not going to play with any of these toys,” he said.

His mom will take Jeremiah’s discarded toys to the Later Gator sale. His sister and brothers already have piles of things they no longer want.

“Look, she’s got a Nerf gun and the bullets to sell,” said Katie Logan to Jeremiah, as they go through boxes.

Katie has also been going through the kids’ closets looking for clothes that no longer fit. All of this will be tagged and taken to the three-day Later Gator sale later this week, where Katie will not only sell her kids' old clothes and toys, but also shop for the next size for each of her four kids.

“I don’t take a large inventory of things, but I come home with bigger sizes, great quality things they can wear the next season. I resell it at the next sale. I probably don’t spend anything on clothing for kids. I love this sale,” said Katie.

It's comments like that that keep the sale organizers, Jen Winterberg and Kristi Voeller, going. They plan this sale twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring.

“We started with about 35 families our first year and now we're at more than 160 families,” said Voeller. “I'm amazed at how many people talk about it and how many people comment that they can't wait for our sale.”

“We never dreamed it would grow this quickly but in the same sense we knew there was a need for it,” explained Winterberg.

But it’s more than just a chance to buy and sell kids clothes and toys. Katie says the friendships she’s built by helping at the sale are something she can’t put a price tag on.

“You spend two or three days with these moms. We're all there for the same reason: we love to save money, we have kids to clothe and jobs that we go to. So we feel this camaraderie."

The fall Later Gator Sale begins Thursday at 4 p.m. with crew member and seller early shopping. Early shopping tickets are already all sold out, but public shopping begins Friday morning at 9:00. For a complete schedule, and for more information, visit