Large fire at Hedderich's in Williston

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Downtown Williston stood still, as one of its most iconic landmarks went up in flames.

Shortly before 6 Monday evening, fire crews received a call for a fire that had broken out at the Hedderich building.

Smoke engulfed downtown as it burned. Fire crews responded with water and foam to try and contain the fire.

There is no word yet as to what might have caused the blaze.

About 100 fire fighters responded to the call between Williston and Ray.

Fire Department officials say they had to move from saving the building, to keeping the flames from spreading.

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"It's very tough for the community because it's an icon, and it's very unfortunate. But with the fire already progressed to the point it did by the time we could get here when it was called in, we're doing everything we can to protect Main Street to the south, and the buildings to the east behind it" said Williston Fire Chief Jason Catrambone.

Public Works is diverting truck traffic along the East Dakota Parkway. This will allow police units to help aid the fire department. City officials are asking people to stay away from downtown.

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