Kupper Chevrolet in Mandan gets new AED

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Would you know what to do if someone had a heart attack right in front of you? The North Dakota Safety Council and Metro Area Ambulance want to make the community cardiac ready. They need businesses to buy-in.

It wasn't a hard decision for Bob Kupper to put an AED in his store.

"A lot of people in and out of here and we have a lot of employees so I thought it would be a great place to have it. I've had a few bouts with heart issues myself so I figured it'd be fitting,” said Kupper.

Kupper also donated to the North Dakota Safety Council's cardiac ready community program. Dan Schaefer with Metro Ambulance says every minute without treatment, a person's chances of surviving a heart attack goes down 10 percent.

"Those aren't very good odds when you think about we as a community can do more for those cardiac arrest victims,” said Schaefer.

Bismarck/Mandan will be the sixth community across the state to join the program, with more than a dozen others pledging to join. The programs will put more AED's around the area and teach hands only CPR. The most important piece- an app called pulse point. The app tracks the locations of AEDs and lets people know when there is a cardiac emergency.

"It helps everybody who's out there, just an ordinary citizen, become a responder in the event of a cardiac arrest,” said NDSC Assistant Executive Director Lynae Hanson.

The safety council is using Giving Hearts Day to raise money for the program. Their goal is $25,000.