Kool Kruzer serves up nostalgia in a cone

Published: Jul. 9, 2017 at 6:46 PM CDT
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Ice cream trucks scream nostalgia.

In the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, thousands of Good Humor Ice Cream vehicles roamed the streets of America, beckoning kids of all ages with musical melodies that made mouths water.

In 1976 Good Humor sold its delivery fleet, due in part to soaring gas prices, to concentrate on sales in grocery stores.

Today, in select towns across the country, you can still chase down the past to catch some cubside refrigerated refreshment.

The sound of summers past ring through the streets of Fort Yates, North Dakota.

Arabella Archambault, Fort Yates, said, "Whenever I hear the ice cream truck I come running out because I know the music."

Kids just can't resist carnival music mixed with ice cream.

Kimberly Rhoades, Kool Kruzer, said, "The music is what they're drawn to and this little ice cream bus."

Kimberly Rhoades and her family take the Kool Kruzer for a spin twice a week.

Elliott Rhoades, Kool Kruzer co-owner, said, "I like to see the reactions of the kids, they come up on bikes, they come running up or stand on the block waiting for us."

Elliott Rhoades pilots the lime green treat machine around town. It takes three hours to make rounds.

The Rhoades family bought the Kool Kruzer to give kids on the Standing Rock Reservation a little recreation.

Justin Rhoades, Kool Kruzer, said, "That's what we do, we make kids happy."

Prices are kept to a minimum to allow children a maximum amount of enjoyment.

Red Star Cavanaugh, Fort Yates, said, "We got seven Icy's and four ice creams for only four dollars."

Edie Rhoades, Kool Kruzer co-owner, said, "We count a lot of pennies, they bring handfuls of pennies."

The Kool Kruzer attracts kids of all ages.

Hazel Red Bird, Fort Yates, 92-years old: "You're never too old for ice cream."

Many children sum up what a cool treat tastes like on a hot summer day with a single word.

Tayla Howard, Fort Yates, said, "Good."

Kids from every neighborhood in town know relief from the heat is just a song and a couple of quarters away.

Smiles as bright as the sun melt summer away.

The Kool Kruzer makes it's rounds through Fort Yates on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30pm until all the kids along the route are refreshed.