Kitty City starts Prevent A Litter Program to help control local cat population

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MANDAN, N.D. - Alison Smith with Kitty City says the city of Bismarck and Mandan can't keep up with how many cats rescues and pounds take in because the felines aren't neutered or spayed, producing more litters.

That's why Kitty City is doing a Prevent A Litter (PAL) Program to help bring down the population in the community.

Kitty City is giving out $50 coupons to people who need help spaying or neutering their cat, which will help bring down the over population of kitties in the area.

Kitty City's goal with their Prevent A Litter program is to control the cat population so there would be less cats to place in homes, less death, less funds, and less neglect.

"We run a rescue, I run a rescue. But rescue is a just a band aid. The problem is we have to stop the population. We can't rescue our way to population control," said Smith.

Which is why Kitty City is going to give out as many coupons as their donations and funding lets them.

"We will start out and see how we can go. If we can do more, we'll do more. If we have to start out with less, we will do less. It's really a trial run right now to see if people are going to step up, want to participate in this and what kind of dent we can make," said Smith.

The spay and neutering is done by a local participating vet, but Kitty City is open to more vets who want to be part of the PAL program.

"It's an incentive, program but we're hoping if you can afford to do it on your own to not take the coupon if you don't need it," said Smith.

Smith says it's important for the community to try to control the cat population and using the PAL program can help.

If you'd like to take part in the Prevent A Litter program you can search Kitty City on Facebook and fill out the application in the weeks to come.