Kitty City provides safe haven for wayward felines

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MANDAN, N.D. - Kitty City, a local cat sanctuary and a rescue for hard-to-place, injured and disabled cats, saved displaced cats from Texas and West Louisiana.

Alison Smith says there's little to no help for cats during disasters like Hurricane Harvey and Irma, so Kitty City stepped up and did something about it.

Tens of thousands of animals were displaced due to the hurricanes that
hit the south.

Alison Smith says shelters around the nation help save dogs, but nobody remembers the cats.

"Unfortunately nobody ever goes for cats. Of course Kitty City is a branch of Triple H, so we're all about the cats," said Alison Smith, co-founder.

Kitty City has rescued 30 cats, and they hope to go back for more.

"We took what we could to do our part. We just kind of felt like we had to go where the most need was," said Smith.

Luckily Kitty City has the opportunity and the room to save these animals, but it's becoming a financial burden to the shelter.

"It's a large endeavor. Thirty doesn't sound like much, but the amount of physical labor to do it is immense," said Smith.

Some cats have already been adopted, but it's a slow process to make sure the furry friends are up to date with their vaccinations.

"Just work everything from head to toe and inside out," said Smith.

To get a cat ready for adoption, it costs the rescue $300 per feline.

If you'd like to help Kitty City with their financial burdens, you can stop by the Missouri Vet Clinic in Bismarck and drop off your donations.