Kirkwood Mall to renovate, with goal of getting people to shop locally

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BISMARCK, N.D. - According to Credit Suisse, 25 percent of U.S. malls will close by 2022. That means 275 shopping centers in the next five years will shut down. Will this happen to the Kirkwood Mall?

The Kirkwood Mall has been around for 48 years and the general manager says it doesn't plan to close anytime soon.

The Kirkwood Mall is getting a face lift, to keep it relevant with the shopping community.

"I think it sounds wonderful. I've been walking the mall for 17 years, so I've seen a few changes," said Darlene Meier, Bismarck resident.

"You think of all the changes and how Kirkwood has responded to the changing market place and the needs of shopping, the types of stores, and all of that. It's pretty amazing," said Keith Groewald, owner of Lee's Hallmark.

Kirkwood Mall generates approximately $92,000 in city sales tax every year, which in turn funds infrastructure in the city.

"This mall is important as a community center, this mall is important as an employer, this mall is important as a place we generate the funds we use to keep our economy and our community growing," said Brian Ritter, president of BisMan Chamber of Commerce.

Which is why shopping locally helps the city.

"Keeping Kirkwood Mall in your shopping pattern and shopping the mall helps the community in so many more ways than anyone can consider or think," said Kirkwood Mall General Manager Jennifer Wilson.

The mall is the regional shopping destination for the western part of the state.

It has five anchor stores and over 70 specialty retailers, where nearly 20 percent is locally owned.

The malls renovations will begin Feb. 21 and is planned to be completed in the fall.

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