Kindergartners learn what Thanksgiving is all about

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Even though class won't be in session for Thanksgiving, several students across the state celebrated in school Wednesday.

Jackie Montgomery's kindergarten class at Shiloh Christian School dressed up in festive hats to feast on chicken, corn and pumpkin pie.

“My favorite thanksgiving food is turkeys,” said Emma Dean, kindergartner.

While many look forward to thanksgiving for the food.

“Eating and having fun,” said Jacob Haugen, kindergartner.

Montgomery is trying to get her students to understand the holiday means much more than a full belly.

“I think it's a hard concept for them to understand, because they have always been given shelter and food, but they also know that there are a lot of families and kiddos out there that don't have that,” said Montgomery.

She is teaching them about the pilgrims and what the Native Americans taught them.

“They teach the pilgrims how to grow food,” said Sam Bradley, kindergartner.

These kindergarteners can also tell you what giving thanks means.

“Share with other people,” said Abigail Rundio, kindergartner.

“I am thankful for the Earth and my family and my grandma and grandpa, because I am going to stay there tonight,” said Ruby Carlson, kindergartner.

These kids also say they're thankful for not having to go to school tomorrow and getting to celebrate the holiday with family

Although the famous feast we celebrate happened in 1621, Thanksgiving was not considered a federal holiday until 1863.

President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the national holiday during the Civil War, to be celebrated on the last Thursday in November.