Kids Learn to Code During Computer Science Education Week

Published: Dec. 12, 2019 at 6:52 AM CST
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As technology advances, so does curriculum among Bismarck Public Schools.

Local teachers are taking education to the next level.

It's Computer Science Education Week. At Victor Solheim Elementary School students are learning to be tech savvy all year long. Library Media Specialist Lauren Ktytor is using the latest gadgets to teach kids computer language at a young age.

Third graders at Solheim are learning to code one click at a time.

"It's fun to watch them roll around and sometimes they bump into things," says 3rd Grader Ava Sjol.

These Sphero Robot balls teach kids how computers use codes to communicate information.

"This is something that would kind of ignite the flame and have them be more interested in coding and how things work when it comes to computers and technology," says Library Media Specialist Lauren Ktytor.

Students program their Sphero to follow a set of commands along a story line.

"You code them to make an app or something. It's like making an app but with coding," says 3rd Grader Paxton Mosset.

Students interact with the robot while learning skills which will benefit them in the future.

"Some of the jobs that they'll have in the future haven't been created and don't exist and it's probably going to be computer oriented. So, I think that it's important that they get started at a young age so that they can continue on with their passion," Ktytor says.

Coding education doesn't end with Computer Science Education Week at Solheim.

Ktytor incorporates coding education all year and plans to introduce new robots to students at all grade levels.

Thursday many North Dakota schools will participate in a nationwide "Hour of Code" as an opportunity to learn more about coding and computer science.

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