Kenyon France dedicates his passion to his sister's memory

Published: Feb. 19, 2020 at 10:40 PM CST
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Williston native Kenyon France has released his own album. But his inspiration doesn’t come from himself.

"So when I was 15, my sister passed away," said France, a recording artist.

The tragedy left France with little hope, but now he's turning the pain into something beautiful, that immortalizes her memory.

"I just wanna keep continuing her legacy as best as I can. I feel like she definitely deserves that," said France.

The album includes a duet featuring his sister's voice and the lyrics she wrote in high school.

"I think that being able to share something that she created, that she was never able to share, I think that's really special," said France.

France let tragedy lead him to discover his passion and his future: a career in music.

"I found my purpose, found my happiness, so I just keep striving with that," said France.

He truly found his light in the darkness.