Keeping cool when temperatures rise

BISMARCK, N.D. - This would be an ideal time to take advantage of public pools because they'll be closing soon. And if you are heading out to a pool this weekend, remember you need more than just the water to keep you safe in the heat.

While the high temperatures might not be enjoyable for some, one local lifeguard says the hot days are the most fun.

“It's tougher than when its cooler weather for sure,” said Logan Fischer, pool manager at Wachter Wave Pool. “But it’s a little more fun because we get a little more action at the pool. More people here, just kind of more going on.”

Sunscreen, water, hats and shade are encouraged, not just for those playing in the water, but those on the sidelines as well. And once the weather moves into the 90s, staff make adjustments to make sure everyone is staying safe.

“We do have rest periods throughout where we give the patrons a chance to rest,” said Mike Wald, Bismarck Parks and Recreation. “And you know a lot of people think it’s just for our lifeguards, but no, it’s for the safety of the people coming into the pools to swim.”

“Sometimes our rotations will have one lifeguard in the water,” Fischer said. “We try to keep the water a little cooler especially during these hot weeks and stuff.”

The Wachter pool will be closing for the season after regular hours on Friday, but both Hillside and the Elks pools will be open. Wald says once fall activities start, and schools start getting back in session, it's hard to keep enough lifeguards.