Keeping color in your flower beds, planters, pots all winter long

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Dan this week in the garden is showing us how we can have color in planters, pots and flower beds all winter long. Not just the summer time. Color all winter.

Well know that we had the cold weather and all the flowers in our pot and in out planters along our house are dead because of the freeze.

Petunias and geraniums and marigolds and impatiens, they are all gone now, so why not all those planters and pots look good for the next half of the year.

That’s why we use these spruce tops, they are the tops of spruce that grow in the bogs in northern Minnesota where its wet. And, you can take these spruce tops, put them in your pots put them in your planters water them in along the house if you had a row of flowers you can put them there.

You can put Christmas tree lights on them maybe add some red like red twig dogwood branches.

Even make a little center piece if you want and use them for Thanksgiving or your Christmas table at Christmas time.

I like the Birch logs, you can put these in the pots and use them with the dogwoods. Maybe some red bows and ribbons and some white birds or red birds and some
Christmas lights.

It’s just a great way to extend this color and have it look good, too.

Maybe around Mother’s Day, then you pull out the spruce tops throw them away and replant your flowers that way you have that touch of wintergreen all winter long, and a great way to have color so until next time good gardening.