Kay’s Bed and Breakfast owner has hope amidst changes

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The hospitality industry is losing a lot of money as people stay home to avoid spreading the virus.

Inside Kay's Bed and Breakfast you'll find a tenacious woman who has dedicated years to her business and guests. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has put owner Kay Link's livelihood in jeopardy, but you'd never know it from her attitude.

Sixteen years of cooking, fluffing, and taking reservations, Link doesn't have any plans of stopping.

"It fits me. Hospitality has really always been my thing," Link said.

As the sole proprietor of the bed and breakfast, Link is used to doing things her way.

"I got really involved in being around the homeless people and trying to fit their needs. Some of them have come disheveled. I took one in for several months in the wintertime a few years ago," Link said.

And, over the years, Link has won the hearts of those who pass through.

"I found a wonderful place here to reengage and to do my business here. She's a delightful person to be with," said guest Chuck Parten.

The impacts of a global pandemic are encroaching on her business.

"I'm feeling it in a lot of ways. Business-wise, of course, everyone who was planning to come for graduations and their little spring vacations and now booked into the summer--they've all had to cancel," Link said.

Link says the impacts of the virus are heartbreaking but won't stop her from providing a temporary home for those who need it.

"It's just who I am and the way I do life," Link said.

As businesses everywhere feel the slowdown, the bed and breakfast serves as a reminder that work will always resume after a rest.

Link's bed and breakfast is still open for businesses. She says she's taking the pandemic seriously and following proper sanitation recommendations.

Kay's Bed and Breakfast is also certified by the North Dakota Health Department.