Karmin’s Kitchen Table offers cooking experience for kids

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BISMARCK, N.D. - A Bismarck store that sells pots and pans is teaching kids how to create mystery meals.

Young chefs are getting the opportunity to step into Karmin's Kitchen this summer to experience food in a new way.

Every summer kids gather around Karmin's big kitchen table to mull over menus.

"Its getting kids into the kitchen now-a-days and showing them some easy recipes that they can help mom and dad with," said Karmin Billadeau, owner.

To keep things fresh, Billadeau puts a twist on her classes, such as the mystery meal.

"Kids don’t know what they're making, it’s going to be a surprise for them. And were doing some foods that maybe look one way, but taste a different way," said Billadeau.

"We made spaghetti with apples and fruit!" added Cali Dokter, kid chef.

Billadeau says the mystery behind the ingredients helps kids try new things.

"It’s amazing how many times I hear from parents, my child ate lettuce at your store? I had no idea she would eat that! So, we really try to open them up to a wide range of foods and different ethnicities," said Billadeau.

Which can be a challenge for picky eaters.

"They can go home and re-create those and talk about what they experienced at the store," said Billadeau.

These tasty treats survive the chopping block of these Junior Master Chefs.

Billadeau says she's hosted more than 300 classes in three years.

She'll offer cooking classes every week until school start. You can find the dates and times at www.kktable.com