KMOT sits down with Minot’s Mayor-elect Shaun Sipma

MINOT, N.D. - KMOT reporter Meghan Von Behren sat down with Minot’s Mayor-elect Shaun Sipma to learn more about his plans for the city.

Von Behren: “I am here with mayor elect Shaun Sipma. Congratulations again.”

Sipma: “Well thank you. It was a long night. It’s been a busy day but certainly worth it.”

Von Behren: “So two years on city council, now transitioning to mayor. How does your background help you in preparation for your term?”

Sipma: “I think even if we back up even before the two years on city council, 15 years as a journalist reporting on pretty much all the different facets within the city, within the city proper itself, the government. That really prepped me coming into city council. And then understanding process, procedure. And then also understanding all of the issues that got us to where we are at that we have to deal with right now.”

Von Behren: “Speaking of issues we have to deal with right now. Governor Burgum really pushing this 21st Century work force. How are you going to implement that and work with him to accomplish those things?“

Sipma: “I think that ties right into the downtown initiative with the workforce for the 21st century dealing with being able to target those different industries diversifying our own economy that is going to accommodate that. We work with the MADC we the other economic development tools that we have to get those into the city and be able to functionally get them in place so that we can attract and keep those young folks here.”

Von Behren: “Speaking of keeping people here you guys have a big city employee turnover. Do you have a plan that you want to implement to get those people to stay here in Minot.”

Sipma: “Getting right into budget issue. The main issue has been the benefits. I think that is going to have to be addressed. And just staying in competitive range with the other entities out there that we are losing them to, that is going to key.”

Von Behren: Last topic here is NDR. Your term goes almost to the end of the NDR program, how are you going to get accomplished what needs to be accomplished.”

Sipma: “It is setting those goals and bench marks. We have to be able to hit those bench marks and pushing ourselves to endure we don’t overstep them because at end of the day we have got four years to get it done. And just staying on task with those issues. Maintaining public input and following the process getting us to the end of it. And that is the critical parts so that we get the best outcome, the citizens get the best outcome and all of the guidelines are met.“

Von Behren: “We thank you Shaun. That’s all we have from out brand new mayor elect, Shaun Sipma.”