KMOT Ag Expo Celebrates 47 Years

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MINOT, N.D. - Come one, come all. The KMOT Ag Expo welcomes hundreds of vendors to showcase their machinery, equipment and tools for farmers across the country.

After 47 years, the show continues to grow bigger and bigger.

"This first started in the municipal auditorium. There's no way we could fit a piece of this in there now," said Showcase Assistant Manager Jeff Emmert.

Many vendors have a long history participating in the Expo, but some are just starting out.

Whether they're a seasoned veteran of the Expo or it's their first go-around, these vendors say they plan to return next year.

Kyle Ingelhardt: "I just like the show, the people are great, good place to come to, lots of traffic we do a great job here," said J&K Construction Manager, Kyle Ingelhardt.

"The people were awesome that we work with so very very good experience," said TRL Industries President, Richard Cossette.

And as the show reaches wraps up this year, planning for next year begins right away.

"The show ends today at four, I get the weekend off and Monday I'm right back doing the Ag Show. It's not something that takes two to three months. It takes a whole year to plan it," said Emmert.

Wrapping up year forty-seven, for an even bigger Ag show in 2019.