KMOT Ag Expo Set Up Day

MINOT, N.D. - The Annual KMOT Ag Expo begins Wednesday.

There are hundreds vendors coming from all over the United States and Canada. You'll see massive machinery, seed companies, tool guys, and more. But, a lot goes into a show like this.

Cleaning, scrubbing, all to make the equipment shine. The vendors at this year's KMOT Ag Expo are in last-minute set-up mode.

Case I-H has all of their equipment in place, but they aren't quite done yet.

"We are cleaning the equipment, waxing and then well clean the windows, tires and then we set up the rest of the booth with tables and goodies and things like that,” says Myranda Hughes who does precision at Northern Plains Equipment.

The show is not something that happens overnight. The vendors spend countless hours planning for something like this.

"Meetings planning and then getting here 7:30 in the morning before everybody else gets in here and then lining it up and making it just shine,” says Myranda Hughes.

Case I-H has 12 to 15 people all pitching in to shine up the machines and get ready for the days ahead. Hughes says all the work pays off when the customers get to see it.

"They come in and you can wow that was a lot of work. The shinning, I think just makes it better,” says Myranda Hughes.

Making sure every inch is spotless ahead of the big show.

The KMOT Ag Expo starts Wednesday at 9 a.m. and runs through Friday 5 p.m. at the North Dakota State Fair Grounds.