Tech on display at the KMOT Ag Expo

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MINOT, N.D.- The KMOT Ag Expo wrapped up Friday afternoon and with it one of the largest technology expos in the area.

The expo exhibits some of the farming industry's newest products and equipment both big and small.

This year's KMOT Ag Expo featured 375 technology exhibits. Many of the newest hardware is interactive, and interested buyers can climb right into the driver's seat. Big names like John Deer want to give interested buyers as much information as possible.

John Deer Marketing Manager Heather Milbrath says the expo provides a more laid back space for potential buyers.

“When customers come here they can kind of get a feel for it, talk to their salesman, and we have kind of an array of experts here. We have our service experts, parts people and our salesmen as well. It’s really efficient. It’s a good way for our customer’s to come here we get to see them and interact with them on kind of maybe a more casual basis than when they come into the store,“ Milbrath said.

Companies come from all over, including Canada based Northern Strands. The company makes a bin safe climbing system.

Northern Strands Marketing Manager Jesse Kope says the company is offering their product in America for the first time.

"We're from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which is in Canada, so yeah, we've been in Canada for 45 years. This is our first time in the US because we recognize the need for Grainman fall protection in the U.S. So we're actually the only system of our kind in North America so we wanted to bring the technology to Minot and to the U.S. and show them what it is," Kope said.

With the Ag Expo finished for the year, new technology is sure to be a part of next year’s event.