KFYR-TV says goodbye to anchor, producer Marcie Bollinger

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KFYR-TV says a heartfelt good bye to our anchor and producer Marcie Bollinger.

Here's a little background on Marcie. Her first job in the business was in Montana. Then she went to Green Bay. Then to Kalamazoo.

A much larger market than Bismarck. But only a few people know how Marcie got here. It was actually Sports Director Lee Timmerman's idea!

"I was talking with John when he was first bringing the Larks to Bismarck. And he was talking about how his fiance was an anchor in Kalamazoo. And I thought to myself, hmmm someone with TV experience coming to Bismarck? So I went to J.R.'s office right away and told him he should talk to her. He obviously did. She's been great and I am sad to see her leave," said KFYR Sports Director Lee Timmerman.

Her knowledge she brought with her from Michigan is priceless. You could see it on the air every night.

"She can go off script. That is a major plus to her and something that I am really going to miss because she could pick up anything that I could throw at her. She could come back with an answer and sometimes it would where we could go back and forth and have it be a funny exchange and those kinds of tings were really just awesome and I really like that." said KFYR Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lawrence.

But even behind the scenes, she's one of the best.

"She is a good solid person, very dependable. Very likeable. Very good person to work with." said KFYR anchor Alan Miller.

Personally, I appreciate her work with the younger reporters in the news room. Making them better every day. A true leader. She likes to compete and work hard,

It paid off recently when was nominated for a regional Emmy for her work on the BCI undercover investigations. She's versatile. The ability to go heavy with politics but always saving room in her casts for "cute kickers"

The last two years we've gotten to know here and one thing we found out is that she's Ron Burgundy?

All kidding aside, she will be greatly missed here at KFYR TV.