KFYR-TV reporters make changes to daily roles to adapt to coronavirus

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The cornoavirus pandemic has forced many people to work remotely from home.

Here at KFYR-TV, reporters are practicing social distancing and safety precautions in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, continuing to report top headlines in our communities is a priority.

Every morning, temperatures are taken as we come into work.

Our news room was a gathering place for nearly 15 reporters, producers, and anchors.

Now we've been spread apart across the building; the reporters working in cubicals six feet apart.

Jars of disinfecting wipes and containers of hand sanitizers decorate each desk.

"Our number one thing is keeping our employees safe so that we can do what we do best, and that's get information out to our viewers," said Barry Schmaier, KFYR-TV general manager.

Our approach to gathering information has condensed to our phones and laptops.

We've been using sticks that attach to our microphones to make sure that we're six feet away while interviewing in person.

But we continue to provide North Dakota with essential stories in our communities.

"We have an essential service so if we didn't go out into the community and gather that information the people at home wouldn't know what's going on. Somebody has to do that, it doesn't just magically appear on your screen," said Monica Hanna, KFYR anchor.