K-9 Calendar helps raise funds for unit

BISMARCK, N.D. - The 2018 Bismarck Police K-9 calendar has hit shelves at K-T Animal Supplies.

It all started as a going away gift and it became a tradition for the Bismarck Police Department.

“As a retirement gift I made him a calendar of all the police dogs and then some other people wanted one. And then the next year I made up about 30, and I'm like you know I should just start selling these," said Bismarck Police Department Patrol Sergeant, Lyle Sinclair.

The $10 calendar serves as a fundraiser for the department to raise money for its K-9 unit for training and other necessities.

"So the extra money helps that way. I can send an extra person or two to training that I couldn't before and it benefits them and the department," said Sinclair

Bismarck PD will be having a dog demo day on the 28th at KT to promote their calendar and for community members to meet the stars behind the operation.